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Have you ever bought an item for a certain price at a store/mall only to find it cheaper somewhere else?

Well it also happens with online shopping. It is always good to compare prices whenever possible.

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Late last night, I posted a white beaded dress on Pinterest.

Nice style, Nice price, only $13.26 usd.( Price at time of posting, subject to change)

I said to myself “great… gotta post this.” So I did.

Now today, while searching as usual, I came across the same dress but this time from another website.

For!!!!!!!!! Wait for it!!!!!!!! You wouldn’t believe it!!!!!!!! $1.99 usd
Yes I said $1.99 usd

Don’t believe me? Go check it out yourself. Here is the dress.

Sexy Bead Embellished Solid Color Party Dress For Women -White One Size

And here are the links to compare the prices

1st Website

2nd Website

I promised you previously, that I would give you sales alerts and the best deals I can find. How Mberz Online Shopping Works

Therefore, I had to do an update/mini blog.

I am giving you two options. It is up to you to choose which website you prefer to buy from. Please be aware that they are both budget shopping sites.

If you have never bought anything from these two sites before, this would be the perfect time to give them a try, (at least with the 2nd website) You wouldn’t loose much if you don’t like it.

Since the price is only $1.99 usd that sale may not last long. I am hoping that by the time you read this post, there are still some left.
I am posting both links so that if you don’t get the $1.99 usd one you may still get the other one at what I consider to be still a very reasonable price.

Please leave feedback if you purchase the dress. Would love to hear your experience.

Happy Shopping

Maria Morris

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